Free Baby Dust

Sometimes trying to conceive and infertility can be emotionally draining and physically demanding.

Your mind becomes consumed with Ovulation times, home pregnancy tests, basal body temperatures and ovulation tests. Sometimes it’s nice to just believe in a little baby dust.

To celebrate the magical side of trying for a baby you can ask the pregnant hippo above for some FREE baby dust.

All you have to do is fill in your details and the pregnant hippo will add your details to the list and mail you out some “Baby Dust” that you can sprinkle around to make all your hopes and dreams come true.

Due to the heavy demand I am no longer able to provide free “Baby Dust” to everyone, I will select 200-300 people from the request list to receive free baby dust each month. You will need to register your details each month to be added to the list.

All people who make a donation so that this website can continue and other women can receive their baby dust will have their “Baby Dust” sent out within 72 hours as a special “Pay It Forward” Thank you.

The baby dust is not for sale I simply ask for you to pay the postage costs for the next person who requests some dust. This
is a pay it forward scheme. Your baby dust is free and will be sent to you free of charge because the person before you made a “pay it forward” donation too so that you wouldn’t miss out.

See our Pay It Forward page to make a donation and then use the form below to request your free baby dust.


Why the changes to the website ?? Because I had literally 1000′s of requests coming from freebie websites. I started this program for other women struggling during the ‘trying to conceive’ process. Some peoples intentions were just to receive something in the mail for free not realizing it was coming out of the pregnant hippo’s pocket. I have had to make these drastic changes to prevent the website being closed down. I will randomly select the names from the free list each month. You will need to re-register each month.

Request Form

Get Your Free Baby Dust
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Please make sure you fill in your full name and full address each month you wish to be included on the list. If you have missing details or make multiple requests in a single month your Dust will not be sent. You can however place a request for a friend or loved one.

IMPORTANT: Have you made your Pay It Forward donation? YOU will only be added to a randomly selected list of 200-300 recipients if you don’t make a donation. If you wish to guarantee your delivery make a pay it forward donation first!

Your details are only used to send you some baby dust and are not stored in any database or sold to spammers. Read the FAQ for more information.

4 Responses to “Free Baby Dust”

  1. katie Says:

    What a wonderful and generous idea. Thank you.

  2. Marika Says:

    A beautiful idea, I would equally love the baby dust by email. Reminds me of the pay it forward movie.

  3. Ways to get pregnant Says:

    Great post! I found your site on yahoo directory search. You certainly know your topic. I’ll be sending the link to my mail list – they need to read this!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I did a pay it foward pay pal donation. I would like to donate more. However when I submit the form to “Get your free baby dust” it says the page is not available. Is baby dust still available?

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