Pay it forward is a donation system set up so you can speed up your delivery and also help out someone else by covering their postage costs. At the moment the pay it forward requests of “Baby Dust” are processed in 3-4 working days.

Because postage costs vary around the world and I want to charge you a fair amount, I have set up different donation options for you below. Please make sure if you are making a donation for a “Pay It Forward” request, you use the button for your own location.

By having different buttons for different currencies it reduces your conversions, So I hope it is helpful to everyone involved. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

$1.20AU Donation Button For Australians – This payment will cover the costs for 1 woman.

Australians (only) who do not have may send A SSAE. Please contact me at for the address.

All other International Donations $1.95US – This payment will cover the postage costs to 1 woman.

Uk Donations $1 Pound – This payment will cover the postage costs to 1 woman.

Would you like to make a donation of another amount? then log in to your account and use the Send money option to Paypal ID Australian donor’s can also send postage stamps.

Why do I have google ad’s on the website? – Every little bit of money helps the program stay alive and the hippo gets money when people click on the ad’s which helps keep this free program alive.

14 Responses to “PayItForward”

  1. Free Baby Dust » Blog Archive » Free Baby Dust Says:

    [...] their baby dust will have their “Baby Dust” sent out within 72 hours as a special “Pay It Forward” Thankyou. [...]

  2. Mikaela Says:

    I think what you are doing is fantastic! I have donated 3 times the amount asked for, I would donate more when i have more time to keep clicking the buttons! Keep up the good work, and thank you for helping us out! You have a really big heart, and I am sure you are bringing much needed hope and happiness to many women.

  3. Hippo Says:

    Mikaela, Your donation is greatly appreciated, your are making such a difference.

  4. Kelly Says:

    I have also paid for it and would have uppped the amount if it let me….will pay for it again if i need anymore, maybe you could allow those of us who pay a way to increase our donation?

    Thanks Kelly

  5. Hippo Says:


    Donations of other amounts can be made directly to using ID

  6. Maggie Says:

    What a wonderful and generous idea!

  7. Kylie Says:

    I have been trying to conceive for 8 years now. My husband and i are unable to afford IVF so nature is our only way. The doctors say we are able to conceive. I was hoping to try the baby dust. And i know this sounds rediculous but we can’t even afford the donation for this dust. It is a wonderful and generous idea…I hope it is working for others :)

  8. Linda Enever Says:

    Hi My Name is Linda Enever I have just made a donation can you please send dust to —–

  9. Lucia Says:

    Do you have an address for me to send to make a donation? I’d like to donate some money for some baby dust and a little more for someone else that will probably need it as much as me. I’d rather not pay online. Thanks.

  10. Carlee Cippina Says:

    I’m in the 2nd month of my pregnancy and am loving it! Simply being pregnant is definitely a delightful experience. There’s going to be nothing more valuable in this entire world than holding my new born baby in my arms for that first time. I can’t wait to meet her! My dreams of parenthood is actually at last coming true.

  11. neetz Says:

    this is such a great idea!! Good luck to all ttc ladies!i have paid the amount,but there seems to be some error in the submit button,could post the request form,dont know if you have my address.thanks once again.

  12. Elizabeth Moser Says:

    Could you please send some baby dust? We have been trying for 15 years :(

    Our address is:
    6521 Glenfern Ave
    Kilbride, ON
    Canada L7P0L6

  13. Tricia Says:

    I am looking to purchase a bunch of baby dust for a TTC group I am in. How would I go about that?

  14. 6 month old baby Says:

    I m gonna donate via paypal :)

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