Have You Become Pregnant?

Lot’s of ladies have sent in their thank you’s for helping them to get through a difficult emotional time but best of all are the thank you’s that come with a “I am pregnant” update. It’s great to see so many women who have been TTC finally get their wishes.

I must confide, that I too fell pregnant just 1 week after starting this website and as a thank you I am continuing to run it.

Do I believe the dust will make you pregnant? No it’s not magical …. but it will fill you with hope.. even if it’s just for a moment as you open your envelope… and that is magical enough……….

2 Responses to “Have You Become Pregnant?”

  1. Rebecca Catton Says:

    I got some of the baby dust about 5 weeks ago – just wanted to say tonight, I got a BFP!!!! :D

  2. Pregnant Hippo Says:


    Congratulations and a happy and healthy 9 mths.

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